This & That........
and everything else that flows through my mind
This & That........
Is it juvenile that I just want to drink bottles of wine & have girl talk with these ladies?

Daisy Choker Necklace // $11

Piano and girl
Her spirit is my friend



Favorite, though.

Forever reblog this picture portraying the physical, mental, and emotional bonds between two people when they make love.

so beautiful
Feelin funky {in zee best kinda way}
Finally got my disposables developed from Vibes this year. They capture a only an ounce of what was a truly beautiful time. I think it is important to make it known that when Ziggy was preforming (or what was very soon after when I noticed) I was laying down and in the sky I saw a rainbow. Such a perfect meaning to what has & always will be a wondaaaful festival. Still cannot get over the connection.

Don’t be Blind~~~~
Vibes ‘14 was funky fresh
This is from a collection of photographs—but I specifically loved this one.
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